Blue Chalcedony Pendant on Blue Apatite Chain Necklace


People ask us what is and where do you find your inspirations for your designs?   Here at Mai Mai Jewels we are inspired by the beauty and myriad colours of gemstones.    When we design our collections, we often think of the places where our semi-precious raw materials are sourced from and how the places where the gems used in our designs originate from inspire and influence the design process.  Mai Mai jewels is inspired by the properties and history of gemstones and the stories, myths and properties around the history of gemstones and the places where our gemstones are sourced from.   We are thrilled that on our site, the provenance and origins of the semi precious gemstones and materials come from around the world.   We believe that peoples hope, dreams, wishes, aspirations, can be conveyed by the giving and wearing of jewellery and that each gemstone can convey a message to the recipient.

To this affect it is the locations, counties, stories and histories which provide a source of inspiration here in our design studio.   We can dream to travel via being inspired by the inspirations we find behind each stone we use in our designs.  We provide a journey to these destinations via our jewellery.   With collections inspired from countries as far flung as Bali, Brazil, Indonesia and Morocco, our sources of inspiration range from travel and lifestyle linked to gemstone stories, history, cultures and symbols.

We are also inspired by precious metals such as sterling silver, gold vermeil and Bali and Karen Hill Tribe Silver.   How the coloured gemstones we use in our designs look together with the precious metals we also use in our designs is often the start of our creations.   Shapes, textures, colours also enhance the design.   For example, we love teaming turquoise with gold but some of our turquoise pieces are teamed with Karen Hill Tribe silver.

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